Are You Positive You’re Using The Best Dog Nail Trimmer To Trim Dog’s Nails?

The Best Dog Nail Cutter I’ve ever used is(drum roll, please)

The White Nail Scissors

I imagine you have your favorite kind of dog nail trimmer, but let me explain why I like these the best and how I use them to trim dog’s nails.

Why I like them best:

  1. They don’t split nails because they are made of sharp, stainless steel and can last for years cutting nails every day.  If you’re an owner, they’ll probably last a lifetime.
  2. They’re very inexpensive considering how long they will last and what you get for your money.
  3. They can be used not only for trimming dog’s nails, but also for cats, birds, reptiles, and even elephants!  Just kidding, they don’t make them big enough for elephants!
  4. They’re easily disinfected, being made of stainless steel, and they won’t rust.
  5. They are sharp enough to cut off a very small amount when you’re clipping dog nails without causing them to crack or split.
  6. They are useful for other things, too, which I will explain in a future blog articles.

How I use them:

  1. I usually trim dog nails from the bottom, meaning that I turn the foot over so the nails are pointing upwards.  By doing this I can better see where to cut.
  2. I cut the nails parallel to the bottom of the pad, not at right angles to the nail.  Doing so makes it less likely that I will cut the nail too short, and it’s the natural angle of the nail, also.
  3. For trimming dog nails that are white, I don’t cut down to the red; I cut about 1/8 of an inch beyond the red, again parallel to the bottom of the pad.
  4. For puppies and kittens, I hold my index finger on the other side of the nail cutter jaws from the nail so I may only be cutting off 1/32 to 1/16 inch from the nail.  My finger is protection against cutting off too much nail.
  5. For clipping nails that are black, I use what I call the “Target Technique.”