Choosing A Dog

What You Need To Know

When choosing a dog for you and your family ask yourself these questions:

Why do you want a dog?

Is the dog for protection?

Is it because the kids want a dog?

Is it because you are looking to share your life with a warm and soft companion?

If your answer is because you are looking to share your life with a warm and soft companion then you are on track.

If your answer is that the kids want a dog please consider this: Your children will not be the primary caretaker for the dog, you will be. Children get bored quickly and usually are not ready for the responsibility of caring for a dog. The children may be too young and will not be able to train and provide what the dog needs. Also consider that it can be an expensive investment when you have to provide everything from dog food and dog toys to veterinary visits. Your children cannot provide these things for the dog and ultimately the responsibility will fall to you.

If your answer is because you want a dog for protection here are some things to think about:

Do you want a dog that will bark when someone is outside your house?

Do you want a dog that will bark and attack someone that breaks into your home?

Any dog with a good bark can meet the objective of the first reason, to warn you if it senses something suspicious.

But getting a dog for protection that will attack can be a mistake. If your dog is not trained properly you can end up with an unpredictable dog that can and will attack even when you feel there is no danger.

Okay, you have answered the question above and have made the decision to go ahead and get a dog, this is great news but choosing a dog can sometimes mean a lot of legwork. If you don’t have a specific breed in mind, you may spend many months contacting shelters, animal control offices, and newspaper ads. Remember that bringing home the first dog you come across or choosing a dog because they ran up to you might not be the best idea.

One more question to answer before you start your hunt and choosing a dog that will be the perfect dog for you is:.

What are your expectations for the dog?

Do you want a dog to that can take long hikes with you, or go jogging with you?

Do you want a dog that is small, medium or large?

Do you want a dog that is easy to groom?

Do you want a dog that is known for being a good family dog, good with children?

No matter where you get your dog from you should know what you are looking for. If you look into the different breeds then you can form a good idea about what characteristics you are looking for and that will make choosing a purebred or a mixed breed dog easier. It is a good idea to be sure that you and the dog you pick to be your family pet and companion “click” well together.