How to Select Your Personal Statement Essay Topic

Today we’re going to talk about how to select an essay topic and how to start writing your essay many of you have heard of and need to start thinking about your personal statement and hopefully you have used my Personal Statement Blueprint…it will really help you write your essay.

For those of you who haven’t, I’m going to give you a quick overview…A great way to start thinking about your essay is to start thinking about adjectives or personality traits that you want admissions office to know about you to do this I have my seniors pick five adjectives that they think describe them best write them down then I have them ask their best guy friend and have that guy friend, give, write down, or text the five adjectives that he thinks describes that person then I want them to ask their best girlfriend. The girlfriend needs to write five adjectives that she thinks describes you best.

Then lastly, I want you to ask a family member who knows you best and ask that person he/she to give you five adjectives that he or she thinks describes you best they will have a total of 20 adjectives. Now a lot of those will be synonyms a lot of them will just be repeats. So, I want you to cross off the repeats and group where you show that personality trait.

Remember we don’t want to write an essay that tells the reader who you are anyone can do that you want your essay to show the reader who you are so you are going to use this essay to show one of these personality traits now some applications have two essays, three essays, so you can show a few personality traits but, for the ones that just have that one personal statement, really sit down and think about the main personality trait that you can’t show from your resume or transcript or your application something.