How To Keep Your Dog Safe

Dog Seat Belts

The use of dog seat belts is one way to keep your dog safe in the car. Most dog restraint systems consist of a harness that you put on your dog and you thread the car seat belt through a loop on the back of the harness. Your dog can sit or lie down but if you stop suddenly your dog won’t get thrown around. Professional vets which use an online cv writing platform, recommend to protect your dog in a car by using the dog seat belts. Some of dog seat belts have harnesses that can also be adapted to the leash for walks.

There are also restraint systems that can attach to the cargo tie-down hooks in the back of many SUVs.

For the back of a pickup the options are again a crate, secured to the truck bed, or a restraint system. The restraint system should run across the width of the truck bed and have a belt that attaches to a harness. The dog should be held closer to the middle of the bed so they can’t attempt to jump over the side. These types of systems are generally called Pick Up Truck Restraint Systems and some come with harnesses and others don’t.


With your dog in a crate they can’t jump out of the car door, jump out a window, or be thrown out of the car in an accident. Also if you make any sudden stops your dog is not thrown around the inside of your car. Your dog could also be injured or killed by an air bag if they are in the front seat and the airbag deploys. Crates allow your dog to be in a safe secure location during the ride. You can use a hard sided crate, like a Vari Kennel, or there are Epoxy Coated Finish metal crates you can use. If you are going on vacation you can use the crate when you arrive at your destination to house your dog.