Are You Positive You’re Using The Best Dog Nail Trimmer To Trim Dog’s Nails?

  • I start trimming dog nails by cutting off less than I think I will need to remove (I cut it long.), and after I make a cut, I examine the bottom of the nail looking for the “target.”

  • If I don’t see it, I will cut off another 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch of nail at a time until I see the “target.”
  • The “target” is made up of the black, outside portion of the nail, a larger, whitish area inside of that, and then a black center.  Black, white, black…like a target.
  • As soon as you see the middle, black area, the “bulls eye ,” STOP cutting! You’ve cut far enough, and if you cut any further, it will hurt and it may be deep enough to cause bleeding.

By using White Nail Scissors and The Target Technique, I rarely cut nails too short any more.  As you’re probably aware, just because a dog throws a fit and even cries out as if in pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve cut the nail too short.  Some dogs just seem to be born hating to have their nails cut, and I don’t think they necessarily have to have had one cut too short before to behave in that way.  Some puppies that have never had their nails cut before will “scream bloody murder” the first time someone even tries to cut them.  Go figure!

I have found that by using a muzzle, some  fearful dogs will calm down and accept the inevitable, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all of them.

At my clinic I’ve been using an Elsam Exam Table since 1979, and the dog’s head is effectively restrained without choking them, making it much easier and safer for me to trim dogs nails and do other potentially-painful things that dogs may not appreciate me doing to them.

A similar effect can be produced at home by purchasing an eye bolt, screwing it into a wooden, wall stud at the height of your dog’s neck, and then using a small rope to tie its collar or neck up to the eye bolt so it can’t move very much, run away, or try to bite you.

Basically, there are 3 price levels of White Nail Scissors…

  • The economy model…cheapest
  • The Miltex, V1718 Vantage…mid-priced
  • The German-made variety…quite expensive

I have used all 3 models of the White Dog Nail Trimmer, and the economy model works just fine for me.  I use them for cutting nails and for the two other things I use them for and detail in other blog articles.

The best instrument for the job isn’t always the most expensive, is it?