Puppy Proofing

What To Do Before Your Puppy Comes Home

Before you bring your puppy home and through his puppyhood it is important to puppy proof your house. By doing this you will help to protect your dog’s physical and psychological health.

When you need to leave your puppy alone or unattended throughout your day confining your dog to a crate can help reduce the risk of injury, to your home and your pup. Your pup will feel safe and you will protect your furniture and any other items your dog may get it’s teeth on. It is important to not confine your puppy to the crate for extended periods of time since lengthy periods of isolation can be traumatic for your puppy.

When your puppy is out of it’s crate and at times unattended it is a good idea to unplug electrical appliances and place the cords out of your puppy’s reach. Many puppies find cords attractive for chewing and they can get a fatal shock if they bite through a cord that is plugged in. Also you puppy could pull on the cord and have the appliance, like an iron, fall over onto him and cause injuries.

Telephone cords are also a good thing to keep out of your puppy’s reach. While there is no danger of shock the phone could fall and break bones.

If you have any tablecloths out it is wise to take the ends that hang low off the table and tuck them up so your puppy doesn’t decide to latch on and bring the tablecloth and whatever is on top of it down onto him.

To protect your shoes, clothing, and other stored items make sure that all the closet and cupboard doors are closed securely so your puppy can’t get to them. Keep all books and any other chewable items out of your puppy’s reach.

Your yard is another place that will need to be puppy proofed. You should make sure there are no poisonous plants or pesticides anywhere near your puppy’s area and that all gates close securely. Also check to make sure there are not holes in the fence that a puppy could crawl through and get out of the yard. Make sure there is water and shelter for your puppy in the yard as puppies can overheat and dehydrate quickly.

By taking the time to puppy proof before you bring your puppy home you will find it much easier to manage your puppy and keep him safe.